3 Mistakes Engaged Couples Make

Congratulations! You’re starting the new year off with some new bling on your ring finger! Before you get caught up in planning, here are the top faux pas couples make when they are newly engaged.

Call your insurance agent! We hope nothing happens to your ring but have peace of mind with a policy.

Call your insurance agent!

# 1. Forget to insure the ring.

The one thing that you don’t think about is your ring and an accident. Let’s face it, a ring is made with precious metals with the key word being METAL. This metal will expand as the weather gets hot or you experience all of the lovely women things we must endure–weight gain and loss. Try as you may to be super careful but prongs will get caught in sweaters on the very day that you’re running late. You might even lay your ring on the sink as you wash your hands and bloop! Down with the itsy bitsy spider. Call your insurance agent and get your ring insured. Have peace of mind with a policy.

Enjoy the moment. Don't rush to plan your perfect day until you've soaked in all of the rays of your bling!

Enjoy the moment.

#2. Don’t remember to enjoy the moment.

You’ve got the bling and you suddenly have the urge to run out and get a wedding magazine. Resist the temptation! Believe me, you will have plenty of time to go back and forth between steak or fish and who will sit next to Uncle Joe at the reception. Relax and enjoy this first stage of bliss. You’ve just agreed to forever change your life. Several of my friends didn’t pick up a magazine or even think the first thought until 2 weeks after the proposal and it showed during the planning stages. They were more relaxed and in tune with what they really wanted. The bridezilla phase never came and everyone enjoyed planning the wedding.

Talk money. Current individual debt becomes joint debt once you're married.

Current individual debt becomes joint debt.

#3. Skip the money talk.

Financial habits are just as important to know about as snoring habits. They both can cause you to lose sleep at night. Before tying the knot, have the talk. Knowing your soon-to-be’s spending habits is vital to the success of your marriage. Will you keep your individual bank accounts? One friend and her husband had a joint bank account but he would take money out without telling her. She was so frustrated with his habits that she stopped making deposits and eventually suggested that they close the account. What are your financial priorities? Buying a house, car or any major purchase needs to be out on the table. How are you going to pay for your nuptials? These are all things that need to be discussed once you are engaged. Remember, in most instances, current individual debt will become joint debt once you are married. What’s in your wallet?

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